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About us

Home for the elderly Sveti Georgije, the first private Home for the elderly in Brasina, Serbia, is now a licensed Home for the mobile and immobile, providing superior care, health care and comfort with very favorable conditions in a luxuriously equipped facility designed exclusively for this type of activity .

Our Home for the elderly is extremely affordable, especially if you consider that the price does not differ significantly from similar state institutions and that the service, care and comfort of the users are significantly higher than state and other private homes. for the elderly.

His staff, who are professional, courteous and polite, pay great attention to each individual. Most of our staff have been with us for years and have a lot of expertise with our clients, whether they have a minor or major health problem.

We do our work with love and attention to make your loved ones feel as good as possible. St. George’s home is primarily their home, and then also a home for the elderly.

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