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Registrovan Privatni Dom Za Stara Lica u Srbiji

Na 10,000m2, Dom Sveti Georgije nalazi se u prirodnoj oazi na obali reke Drine, 15 km od Loznice i 10 km od Zvornika.


With professional medical care and professional staff, we ensure a comfortable and quality life for your loved ones.


Professional medical care and 24-hour supervision at the Saint Đorđe Home are provided by experienced nurses and technicians, according to the instructions and under the supervision of a doctor.


Dom Sveti Đorđe is located in a natural oasis on the banks of the Drina river, 15 km from Loznica and 10 km from Zvornik.

LOCATED ON 10000m2

The house is located on about 10,000 m2. In front of the house, there are beautifully landscaped green areas with benches, where users of our services spend time in the fresh air, walking or resting.

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Why should you choose Dom Sveti Georgije?

We offer our clients and their families impeccable service 24 hours a day.

Available 24/7

Our on-call staff is available at any time of the day or night, even during weekends and holidays.

Quality accommodation

Accommodation is provided in a specially designed facility in single, double and triple rooms with bathrooms.


Home for the elderly Sveti Georgije operates as a registered social care institution for the provision of health care services.

Professional staff

Professional medical care and 24-hour supervision in the home are carried out by experienced nurses and technicians, according to the instructions and under the supervision of a doctor.

Professional staff and quality care

Your well-being is our greatest concern at St. George’s Home. Our dedicated team of trained professionals are available 24/7 to provide you with the care and support you need. From assistance with daily activities to personalized healthcare services, we strive to ensure you feel safe, comfortable and loved every day.

At St. George’s Home, we believe in providing the highest standard of living to our users. Our spacious rooms are carefully designed to provide comfort and functionality. With enough space to accommodate up to 38 users, each accommodation has been carefully designed to ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere…

About us

Welcome to the St. George Home for the Elderly!

Are you ready to start a new chapter of your life filled with silence, comfort and endless possibilities for relaxation? Dom Sveti Georgije in the charming village of Donja Borina, Serbia, is the perfect retreat for you.

Imagine sitting on the bank of the river and listening to the gentle sound of the water lapping the shore with beautiful panoramic views of the Drina River. St. George’s Home for the Aged is ideally situated on the banks of this magnificent river…

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* Distance from the main European cities.

First of all, we try to listen carefully to all our clients, in order to understand their needs and adequately respond to their requests.

We are here to understand your needs.


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